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  1. For the 2015 season we will offer a wide range of merchandise available to purchase online and at events.

    This will include hats, jackets, coats, t-shirts and more.

    We will release full previews soon, for now here is our official beanies hats


    These are available to purchase now in our online shop

    Stay tuned for more products soon!

  2. Over the winter period we took the time out to get the fiesta tidied up and fully re-sprayed, this was made possible by Jon's main sponsors Monaghan Bros who kindly gave us the chance to use their accident and and body repair centre. Jon said: " the work was carried out by Glen Hall who works in the body repair section, id like to give him a big thanks for the work which is fantastic, the car is great looking now ! ".

    Here are some pictures of the process:


    fiesta re spray 1.


    fiesta re spray 2

    Fiesta re Spray 7

    Fiesta respray 5

    Fiesta Re spray 8

    Fiesta re spray 3

    Fiesta re spray 6

    fiesta re spray 4